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The collaborative business design platform to drive simplicity and continuous transformation

Application Portfolio Management

With comprehensive insight into the enterprise application landscape, your organization will be empowered to make better decisions faster and be better able to optimize your application portfolio. By analyzing applications in their architectural context, an organization can plan and communicate application roadmaps, taking into account dependencies and the impact of change.

Agile Digital Transformation

BiZZdesign enables you to align agile development teams with strategic analysis capabilities. This helps you identify and harness emerging technologies that enable new digital products, services and business models. With BiZZdesign, you can also simplify, plan and execute the required transformative changes as a continuous, “business-as-usual” activity. 

Customer-Centric Business Design

BiZZdesign enables you to design and visualize customer journeys for specific personas, which fully integrate the channels and touchpoints into architectural models of supporting business capabilities, processes, information and technology. This enables the full “line of sight” from the customer to the required investments and impacts, linking agile product roadmaps with the business goals to which they contribute.

Risk Management

BiZZdesign enables you to gain a deeper understanding of risk by modeling threats and applying control measures to business and IT assets. Enterprises can also manage compliance and monitoring and plan remediation projects. By connecting the full risk lifecycle with the actual assets that are affected, you can provide visibility of risk impacts and plan smarter remediation projects.

Road-mapping Change

BiZZdesign enables you to plan and visualize transformation roadmaps across multiple dimensions to align resources and plans across strategy, business, application, technology and project portfolios. This ensures potential conflicts can be identified and managed in advanced, optimizing sequencing and scheduling. Together, this helps your enterprise deliver business outcomes faster, with less waste and with less risk.

Strategy to Execution Alignment

BiZZdesign solutions enable you to connect business strategy with the initiatives, programs and projects that will execute it. Our platform highlights the effects these projects will have on  business capabilities, processes, applications and technology.

Capability-based Planning

BiZZdesign enables you to model, analyze and communicate your enterprise business capability model, relating each capability to business goals and strategies. You can also create supporting operating models to direct investments towards strategic capabilities that require maturity improvements to deliver on strategic goals

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