The Adaptive Enterprise

How to thrive in an era of change - Becoming an adaptive enterprise

Struggling to change and maintain control?

Are you making the most of opportunities and developments in technology? Is your business model going to last? Are you making the best strategic decisions? Are your investments and projects aligned with that strategy?

Business leaders are challenged to direct and implement change ever faster, while maintaining the necessary control. The path is often unclear, change is never quick enough, business as usual gets in the way, and the risks are too great for the major transformations that are necessary.

So how do you address these challenges?

  • Top 3 drivers of business transformation for global C-level executives

    • Disrupted business model 60%
    • Digitally uncompetitive 48%
    • Strategic shifts 30%
  • Top 3 inhibitors of business transformation for global C-Level executives

    • Business as usual 60%
    • Lack of strategic insights 52%
    • Lack of organizational commitment 50%

Source: Business Transformation survey, May 2016, 554 respondents

The Adaptive Enterprise

Organizations faced with complex and evolving challenges need strong change capabilities. At the same time, they need to stay in control.

Traditionally, change is supported by mid- and long-term plans, directing the organization to a new future state (the ‘what’). However, in today’s reality it has proven to be much more successful to focus efforts and developments on ‘how’ to realize change. 

An adaptive enterprise, doesn’t know what the future looks like, but is well prepared for any changes that are necessary for future success.

The adaptive enterprise has the capability to:

  • Innovate

    Understand the benefits and costs of new technologies to maximize their potential
  • Simplify

    Address legacy, complexity and uncertainty to make room for change
  • Decide

    Make decisions at the right time with the right information
  • Accelerate

    Speed up and change proactively to stay ahead of the curve
  • Control

    Balance the rate of change with risks, compliance and impact
  • Collaborate

    Build, enable and empower teams to execute change

Digitizing Change and Control

The push and pull of change and control is traditionally a boardroom balancing act. However, in a truly adaptive enterprise decisions need to be made faster and at many levels of the organization at the same time. This requires a single source of truth to show where you stand and help you decide where to go.

Powerful software enables you to quickly analyze your current situation, and effectively test and plan changes. This simplifies decision making, lowers the risk of failure, and speeds up innovation.

In today’s digital age, it is all about speed and effectively using IT to digitize your daily operations. Download the eBook to discover how BiZZdesign can help your organization to become an adaptive enterprise.

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eBook: The Adaptive Enterprise
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