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Enterprise Studio

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is the collaborative business design platform that offers powerful, integrated modeling across multiple disciplines. It provides all the capabilities needed to seamlessly plan, track and execute change in a single software platform.


HoriZZon brings architecture models, business design capabilities and analyses to a broad audience of business stakeholders. The highly personalized environment gives real-time insights in change projects, facilitates collaboration between business and IT teams and supports strategic alignment. 

Standards & Frameworks

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio has out of the box support for all industry-leading standards and frameworks, such as TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, BPMN, UML and the Business Model Canvas. Next to globally used standards and frameworks, Enterprise Studio also supports many local and industry-specific frameworks. 

Deployment models

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon are both available as on-premise and online solutions. Team Server, our collaborative repository, is also available in the cloud and on-premise. Moreover, we offer hybrid solutions, e.g. HoriZZon and Team Server in the cloud combined with Enterprise Studio on-premise.

Discover the power of Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon
Discover how Enteprise Studio and HoriZZon drive simplicity in your organization