How do our partners help you?

Global Partner Program

We couldn't do it without them

We highly value our network of trusted partners all over the world. Our Partners help us to extend our value proposition, cover a broader range of customer needs, and expand our global reach. Together, we help you to accomplish your strategic business goals.

Our Partner Network

How do our partners help you?

Our global network of Service Partners and Channel Partners allow us to offer you a range of industry experts, professional services or local sales and support tailored to your needs. Contact us to find out how we can work together to tackle your challenges.

  • CapGemini - BiZZdesign partner
  • Cognizant - BiZZdesign partner
  • KPMG - BiZZdesign partner
  • Global Partner - DXC Technology

JODAYN's and BiZZdesign's combined experience in the field of Enterprise Architecture provides Saudi clients with more knowledge, better advice and a superior service that is unmatched by the competition

Khalid Al-Jayoosi, Enterprise Solutions & QA Director, JODAYN
Acquion - BiZZdesign channel partner in Australia Baselines - BiZZdesign channel partner in Denmark Bvolve - BiZZdesign Partner in The Netherlands Cast Software - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in USA CC&C - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in USA Centus - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in Brazil Coala - BiZZdesign service partner in Finland Consequor - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in Brazil Dux Diligens - BiZZdesign partner in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico EA Principals - BiZZdesign channel partner in USA Edifit - Channel Partner in United Kingdom Infoline - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in Singapore JODAYN - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in the GCC region Master of Service - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in Turkey Quait Consulting - BiZZdesign Channel Partner in Argentina Penos- BiZZdesign Channel Partner in New Zealand Our partner in Italy- Docflow Reditus

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