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How does your organization deal with the opportunities and demands of a challenging business environment?

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How does your organization deal with the opportunities and demands of a challenging business environment?

Technology is changing faster than ever, startups disrupt markets, regulatory pressure increases, and customer expectations keep rising. This rapid pace of change may also provide great advantages. If your organization excels at it, you can outmaneuver competitors with shorter time-to-market, smarter partnering strategies, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. This is the hallmark of an adaptive enterprise.

Of course, doing a good job and serving your customers remain as important as ever, but your change capabilities have become just as vital. In an adaptive enterprise, change is a way of life: instead of going through a risky and painful big-bang transformation every few years, you should continuously anticipate, innovate and improve to stay in tune with your surroundings and deliver business outcomes.


Nowadays, implementing change requires coordination and cooperation between people from many different disciplines and domains. The ‘shop floor’ often knows best where improvements can be made. Staff departments have the necessary numbers and figures. Management sets the overall direction and facilitates change.

Many industries are highly regulated and need to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. With limited budgets, optimal capital allocation across change initiatives is essential: you have to keep the lights on and innovate at the same time. To stay in control and foster growth, you must bring together the right information, from your ecosystem, strategy and business models to the processes, technologies and resources you employ.

Digitize Your Change Capability

Such a complicated and time-pressured change environment requires the right instruments. Operational capabilities of enterprises are increasingly digitized, and so their change capabilities should be too. Advanced software support is needed to enable people to work together on business change, provide them with timely and accurate information, and assist them in decision-making and resource allocation. This is what BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio offers: a collaborative business design platform that empowers you to seamlessly plan, track and execute business change.