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Make smarter decisions faster with HoriZZon

HoriZZon brings architecture models, business design capabilities and analyses to a broad audience of business stakeholders. The highly personalized environment gives real-time insights in change projects, facilitates collaboration between business and IT teams and supports strategic alignment. The visualization, analysis and collaboration capabilities enable a much wider range of stakeholders to gain insights across the enterprise and to make smarter decisions faster. 

  • Real-time insights
  • Smart decision-making
  • Engage business users
  • Self-service analytics
  • Fast SaaS deployment

Engage your business stakeholders

CIOs, line of business managers, portfolio managers can now generate their own reports and dashboards on a self-service basis. Users have a personalized environment with just the information they need, including favorite views, properties and dashboards. All views and dashboards are intuitive and Google-style search make it easy to find all the information they need. HoriZZon is 24/7 accessible and delivers a great experience on all your devices.

Speed up time to value

HoriZZon provides real-time insights into strategic planning, digital transformation and change roadmaps. The portal is packed with powerful functionality to combine and analyze data, explore the impact of change, collaborate with colleagues, and tailor visualizations. With all the information you need just a few clicks away, you will be in a position to make smarter decisions faster.  

Get started in minutes not hours

Getting started with HoriZZon is very easy and fast. Our automated SaaS deployment ensures that you are up and running within minutes. We choose to utilize only best of breed technologies making the portal highly scalable and easy to update. Keep an eye on our website to follow all new developments. 

"KUDOS! I have been showing HoriZZon to selected people and they are very impressed"

Carl Chilley, Head of Strategic Architecture at Maersk

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