Enterprise Studio - Portfolio Management

Drive innovation, prioritize investments, cut costs and execute your digital strategy

Key benefits

Strategy-based portfolio management

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio offers a direct line-of-sight between strategy, architectures and portfolios. A change in strategic focus will directly affect your portfolios, which empowers you to make better investment decisions and realize business outcomes.

Reduce complexity

Managing several projects, applications, products and services is becoming increasingly complex. Enterprise Studio enables you to create, integrate and use smartly designed portfolios. This way you can introduce structure, set responsibilities and reduce complexity.

Achieve faster results

We provide you with a powerful set of accelerators, including a range of pre-defined portfolio designs, dashboards and benchmark data. This will kick start your efforts, speed up change and rapidly deliver ROI.

Make smart, well-founded decisions

Enterprise Studio integrates a wide range of information about costs, capabilities, value and impact. This gives you insight into various assets and change portfolios and enables you to make sound decisions on priorities and investments.

Advanced analysis, simple presentation

Enterprise Studio offers advanced modeling, analysis and visualization techniques that will present your information in clear, stakeholder-specific views. This supports collaboration between teams and departments and allows different stakeholders to analyze, prepare assessments and make decisions.

BiZZdesign & VIVAT Insurance: rationalizing the application landscape with portfolio management

See how Enterprise Studio helped VIVAT Insurance to reduce IT costs, and facilitate change.

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