Enterprise Studio - Business Model and Strategy

Capture, guide & validate the strategic direction of your enterprise

Realize your strategy with capability-based planning

Realizing your strategy is even more difficult than defining it. Use BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio's capability-based planning to design the steps needed to achieve your desired business outcomes. Link them to your operating model and enterprise architecture to define a clear line-of-sight to realization.

Improve or transform your business model

The Business Model Canvas delivers a better understanding of your current and potential future business models. Relate this to your capabilities and architecture to plan and realize necessary changes.

Optimize your role in the business ecosystem

In today’s business environment, you have to look beyond the perimeter of your own organization. Use clear models to gain insight into your ecosystem, understand your relationships with customers and suppliers, and optimize your position.

Analyze the effects of disruptive changes

Disruptive technologies can have a profound impact on business models. Use our stress-testing approach to assessing the resilience of your business model against various scenarios.

Improve and innovate your customer experience

In Enterprise Studio, you can model the value streams across your ecosystem to understand your competitive position. Use our proven customer journey mapping to relate your business model to your business processes, and exploit critical business moments to innovate your customer experience.

Discover the power of Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon
Discover how Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon help you to align strategy and outcomes