Enterprise Studio - Business Logic

Understand and manage the rules, regulations and decisions that affect and direct your business 

Comply with constantly changing rules

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio enables you to comply transparently with new rules and policies, and to minimize risk by assessing the impact of change before executing it.

Make better, more consistent decisions

Organizations have to make many decisions on a daily basis. Enterprise Studio helps you to make better, more consistent decisions. As a result, the performance of your processes will improve, while repair work will be minimized. 

Reduce process complexity

When your process diagrams show ‘more splits than activities’, you should consider separating logic from the process flows. Enterprise Studio makes your organization more agile by managing the more volatile business logic in a specialized, standardized environment. 

Reveal and present hidden business logic

Rules and decisions are often hidden inside complex (legacy) IT systems and business processes. Enterprise Studio allows you to specify, organize and present business logic independent of systems, processes and people. This reduces complexity and improves agility. 

Transparent decision-making

Decisions define the output of your organization. If questions arise about this output, you need to be able to explain and justify the choices that were made. Enterprise Studio supports the traceability of decisions to activities, systems, people and rules. 

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