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One platform to support successful business change  

Successful business change requires your entire organization to pursue a common goal - whether you’re exploring new revenue sources; seeking a competitive edge; or searching for cost savings.

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is the collaborative business design platform that offers powerful, integrated modeling across multiple disciplines. It provides all the capabilities needed to seamlessly plan, track and execute change in a single software platform. 

Enterprise Architecture

Align strategy, capabilities, processes and technology to create a clear line-of-sight from decision-making to implementation. Gain a 360-degree view of your business to better understand your business capabilities. Based on open standards such as ArchiMate® and TOGAF®.

Business Process Management  

Design, control, and improve your business processes. Create insight with diagrams in the international BPMN standard. Analyze and optimize your processes using instruments from Lean management, such as KANBAN and fishbone.

Portfolio Management

Support effective investment decision-making by managing projects, applications, products and services in portfolios. Introduce structure, set responsibilities and reduce complexity. Advanced analysis and simple dashboards provide actionable insights to stakeholders.

Business Model and Strategy

Relate your enterprise strategy to your business model, operating model and the required capabilities. Test your resilience against future scenarios, exploit critical business moments and improve your position in the business ecosystem. 

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Ensure enterprise-wide compliance with applicable regulations. Assess the impact of new legislation, such as the GDPR, and guarantee their effective implementation. Analyze vulnerabilities and risk impact to define contingency plans and mitigating measures.

Business Logic

Gain a clear understanding of rules, regulations and decisions in your business processes. Specify, organize and present business logic independent of systems, processes and people to reduce complexity and improve business agility.

Data management

Manage your data as a valuable asset, to ensure quality and transparency. Describe the use and importance of data in your products, processes, and applications. Create a coherent data governance structure with roles and responsibilities linked to your architecture and organization.

Discover the power of Enterprise Studio
Discover how Enterprise Studio helps you to plan, track and execute change

Success stories

These companies are designing their future with Enterprise Studio

  • VIVAT Insurance

    We have started small and the use of Enterprise Studio has grown with the maturity of our architecture discipline. Enterprise Studio has now become one of the most important tools to leverage the value of architecture.


  • TATA Steel

    Delivering business outcomes with Enterprise Architecture: see how Enterprise Studio helped TATA Steel to optimize the supply chain and enable change.

  • Huf & BiZZdesign

    Huf Portuguesa

    Reducing modeling time with 50% and saving costs on the application landscape: learn how Enterprise Studio supports fast decision-making.