Deployment models

Cloud, Hybrid or On premise, what is the best fit for your organization? 

Our solutions can be deployed in one of three models: Cloud, On Premise and Hybrid. All of these deployment options provide identical software functionality.

On Premise

All of BiZZdesign software components. Enterprise Studio, Team Server and HoriZZon are hosted and managed by you.

For who: The On-premise solutions contain the same features and functionalities as the Online versions of Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon and are ideal for organizations that need to store their data on-site.


The HoriZZon and TeamServer software components are hosted and managed by BiZZdesign and, Enterprise Studio, runs locally on your users desktops.

For who: For customers who wish to take elements of their deployment offline, but still have full modelling and analysis capabilities available.


Enterprise Studio, TeamServer , HoriZZon and are 100% zero footprint solutions, hosted and managed by us and securely accessed through a web browser.

For who: This solution is ideal for customers who don’t want to be responsible for managing the installation and configuration of the product or don’t want to be responsible for security patches and updates. With our cloud solution you can be up and running within minutes.

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