Become a Partner

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

At BiZZdesign, we maintain strong relationships and cooperate closely with our partners worldwide to expand the solutions we offer our customers.

Our software product has gained the trust and respect of over 1,000 customers globally, as well as several independent analyst firms. You can rest assured that you are delivering a truly great product to your customers.

We have a global presence with partners in EMEA, North and Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Why Partner with BiZZdesign? 

  • Customers are talking about us which means you will get an audience with the customer quicker
  • Enjoy higher than industry average rates for recommending/selling/implementing our products
  • The services revenue generated from our products is 40% more than competing products 
  • We will help you generate significant pipeline through our marketing activities with you 
  • We will enable your sales teams to sell your services combined with our products to close deals 50% faster 
  • We will provide a continuous program of training for your engineering teams on our products to make sure they are the best in the business and to keep their capabilities relevant to the customers 

The BiZZdesign Innovation Partner Program enables our solution provider and service provider partners to successfully grow their businesses by differentiating their products and services with our Enterprise Studio Platform. Our technology ecosystem provides 3rd party interoperability and alliances that broaden our value proposition to partners and customers who focus on different parts of IT and Business Architecture lifecycle. 

The Innovation Partner Program makes it easy for partners to generate repeatable successes by adding BiZZdesign technology and expertise to their existing solution portfolios. BiZZdesign partners experience competitive advantages with better differentiation, validation, and pull-through for what they already offer.

Become a Partner