BiZZdesign Architect: Leading Software for Enterprise Architecture

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BiZZdesign Architect is a leading software tool for Enterprise Architecture. Architects use it to design and communicate architecture models and perform change impact analysis.


Why software for Enterprise Architecture?

Do you struggle with inconsistent, isolated architectures, making it very hard to have an enterprise-wide view? The software tool BiZZdesign Architect supports architects to model, visualize and analyze enterprise architectures on business, application and infrastructural domains. Its powerful change impact analysis and roadmapping capabilities allow you to drive change on any level in your organization. 

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Integrated solution for Enterprise Architecture Management

BiZZdesign Architect is part of an integrated approach to Enterprise Architecture Management consisting of Enterprise Architecture consultancy, tools and Enterprise Architecture training, which can be customized for any organization. BiZZdesign Architect is certified by the Open Group as an ArchiMate® 2.1 and TOGAF® 9.1 enterprise architecture modeling tool.


  • Clear communication with stakeholders.
  • Based on the open standards ArchiMate and TOGAF.
  • Consistent architectures on any domain.
  • Grounded decisions based on analyses.
  • Manage change successfully.
  • Easy-to-use software tool, intuitively appealing to both business and IT people.
  • High productivity with strong modeling features, instant views and collaboration support.

ArchiMate and TOGAF compliant

With BiZZdesign Architect, you can communicate effectively about Enterprise Architecture with various stakeholders from business and IT. BiZZdesign Architect is compliant with ArchiMate and TOGAF, the open standards for Enterprise Architecture, maintained by The Open Group. With targeted visualizations, you can address stakeholders in their own language and provide them with relevant, meaningful information.

Successfully manage change

BiZZdesign Architect supports you to successfully manage change. Your decisions are based on deep understanding of relationships within and between architecture domains. Your architectures comply with critical success factors and architecture principles. Whether your goal is to increase business-IT alignment, support outsourcing decisions or to manage application portfolios, you can always analyze the change impact and create solid roadmaps to the to-be situation.

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