DevOps Engineer

Enschede, the Netherlands

DevOps Engineer

Seniority 3+ years working experience
Location Enschede, the Netherlands

Although BiZZdesign is an international company with employees from different cultures, the atmosphere at our Enschede office is still very ‘Dutch’: down-to-earth and relaxed. We believe strongly in building great teams and making sure you feel at home. We are currently looking for a DevOps Engineer who will play a connecting role between our Engineering department and our Operational department, bringing these two disciplines together.

You will lead the way on how we can best (auto-) deploy our new software releases to our customers using our cloud environment. You will use your DevOps skillset to better automate the way we test and develop our software during the sprints, working closely with our development teams to deliver awesome new user stories for our customers. We love working with the Atlassian software stack, which we host in the cloud, and we want you to help improve and manage the entire stack.

What you will do:

  • Work closely with the team to set up, maintain and continuously optimize our applications and infrastructures
  • Play a proactive role in introducing new tools and methods to shape our DevOps approach
  • Implement your view on how to do DevOps right within our organization
  • Track and solve problems based on our current architecture and identify risks for the future.

What you will bring to the team:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (IT related) 
  • You're an Entry-level/Medior or Senior level candidate
  • You love to code, script and automate anything related to the development of software, and its deployment to a cloud platform
  • Experience in cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • A good grasp of automation tools and a strong interest in the link between the operational aspects of IT and development processes
  • You're fluent in the English language and preferably some knowledge of Dutch (willingness to learn).

What you're like:

  • Problem-solving mentality
  • Team player
  • You enjoy managing your own time


This role will be located in Enschede, The Netherlands

Our offer

  • A challenging position in a growing, innovative company
  • An open and informal software team with a passion for our product
  • The ability to make a change and provide input on strategic level

Our software approach

We believe in being as open and transparent as possible, we are a software company above all. However, our website is naturally oriented towards our customers and will not give you an impression of the way BiZZdesign creates software. Below, you will find a very brief overview (not complete!) of the tools, procedures and technologies we use.

  • Two multi-disciplinary feature teams, who deliver end-to-end feature for our customers in a two-week sprint cycle. Each team has their own scrum master, and we have one overall product owner.
  • We hold true to the agile principles, and incrementally try to improve the way we work.
  • We use Jira for our ticketing system, Bitbucket for our code, nvie as the base for our git branching model and are moving from Jenkins to Bamboo for our test and deployment automation needs.
  • Our Enterprise Studio desktop client is developed using C++ and is packaged with our Activity Console which is developed in C#. Both utilize SQLite databases for data storage. The activity Console communicates via a REST API with our Team Server.
  • Our Team Server is developed in Java and uses the Play Framework as its base. It stores its data in an SQL Server database. And finally, it offers a web application written with AngularJS for browser access to data and tasks.
  • We are heavily investing in a new web portal for our customers, which will be developed using a Javascript framework.
  • Finally, we deploy our server and desktop client in a cloud solution, where we are always looking for better and smarter ways of reaching our goals.

About Us

BiZZdesign is a software company that supports organizations in designing business change. We are a global organization with 1,000+ customers on six continents and offices in many countries across the globe. We partner with leading consultancies, distributors and resellers to provide our customers with the best support possible. Our dedication to fulfilling customer needs shows both in our rapid growth and in our long-standing customer relationships, with many clients being with us for a decade or more.
Founded in 2000 as a spin-off from an applied R&D institute, we have strong roots in research and innovation.


Please send your CV and a motivation letter to or call for more info: 06-30287965
We look forward to meeting you!

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