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Data Management

Create business value by managing your data as an asset

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Using Enterprise Studio for data management ensures maximum return from your organisation's data
  • Define the value of your data
  • Analyze and manage data quality
  • Manage data responsibilities
  • Identify dependencies and risks
  • Master (meta)data support

Exploit the business value of your data 

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio allows you to describe the use and value of data in your products, processes, and wider ecosystem. Exploit opportunities for harvesting, combining, and sharing data with others, and leverage your data as an asset.

Optimize data quality 

The architecture and process models in Enterprise Studio help you to create transparency on data lineage, the foundation for sound data quality management. See where your data flows, know where insufficient quality may pose risks, and establish the necessary controls. 

Establish strong data management and governance 

Ensure that data can be trusted by defining clear responsibilities for data owners, stewards and others. Relate these to business processes, data flows, and IT systems to create a coherent data management and governance structure.

Be in control of data dependencies and risks

Use Enterprise Studio to relate your data to your business processes, business logic and enterprise architecture and, to  understand how your organization depends on it. Identify potential risks and define mitigating measures across different domains.

Model and manage data transparently 

Enterprise Studio supports master data management and allows you to define the single version of the truth for your enterprise data. Use coherent ERD or UML data models to support metadata management.

Manage, refine and optimize your data as an asset

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